Infoservicios is a company formed by telecommunications and computer technicians, providing technology solutions and IT services aimed at all levels, from individuals to companies and public institutions. It focuses on different sectors, from the sale of consumables and equipment, technical service, maintenance of computer systems, servers systems development, networks, satellite internet access, wireless signal distribution,… to the automation of processes based on automata and electrical automation.

It offers a comprehensive work, from the study and design of each case to marketing and operation, moreover its after-sales service. It also provides professional services of business consulting and systems integration.

Infoservicios is a computer services company that focuses its dedication to providing companies with solutions for improving business processes, providing customers with methods to address business computer problems through a proper utilization of information technologies.

In Infoservicios we strive to be leaders in the implementation of the most advanced information technology in this field, including a unique service of satellite internet access at prices below the market without any restrictions. 



infoSERVICIOS | Phone/Fax: 982 24 00 39 - Cell Phone: 699 06 20 23 | C/Tino Grandío nº27 Entresuelo. 27004 - LUGO